Managing Your Preferred Substitutes List

Last Updated: Jan 17, 2017 08:02AM EST
Your district may have given you the ability to select a list of the substitutes you prefer to fill your absences. The substitute placement feature will attempt to contact these substitutes first when you create an absence.

To access the "Preferred Substitutes" page, click the Account tab on the home page.


Now click on the Preferred Substitutes tab.

Adding Substitutes

To add a substitute, click the Add Substitute(s) button.

This will open up the substitute selection page. Here, you can find the substitutes you want by searching by the substitute's last name, filtering by the first letter of the substitute's last name, or just browsing the list of substitutes.

Select the substitute(s) that you would like to add to your Preferred Substitutes list by checking the box next to their names. Once you have finished selecting the substitutes, click the Add to Preferred Substitutes button. This will add the substitutes to your Preferred Substitutes list.

Removing Substitutes

To remove a substitute from your Preferred Substitutes list, click the check box for the substitute you would like to remove. The Remove Selected Substitute(s) button will appear. Click that button.

The substitute will be removed from your Preferred Substitutes list.
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