Managing Your Favorite Five Substitutes

Last Updated: Oct 27, 2016 10:25AM EDT
Once you have added a number of substitutes to your Preferred Substitutes list, you can select up to five of them to be your "Favorite Five". The Favorite Five will get even more of an advantage when attempting to fill your absences. Substitutes that are marked as favorites, and who are considered "qualified and available" at the time the absence is created, will be notified instantly by email when you create an absence that needs a substitute. Also, absence management will begin calling the Favorite Five subs during the next evening calling period up to 120 nights before the absence.

Choosing Favorite Substitutes

To mark someone as a favorite, simply click the heart icon in their row in the preferred list. The heart will turn red, indicating that this substitute has been added to your Favorite Five list.

Once you have marked your favorites, you can order them by dragging them up or down in the order by grabbing the drag icon and dragging them into the position you want them (shown below).

Ordering your Favorite Five will determine in what order absence management will attempt to contact them when making calls.

When you've finished re-ordering the substitutes to your liking, click the Check Mark button to save the changes.

Removing Substitutes from Favorites

​To remove a substitute from your Favorite Five list, click the check box for the substitute you would like to remove. The Remove Selected Substitute(s) button will appear. Click that button.

That's it! Now you have your Favorite Five list set up the way you want.