The Home Page

Last Updated: Oct 27, 2016 08:12AM EDT

Web Alerts

When you log in, before you are taken to the home page, you may first see a window notifying you of district "Web Alerts". Web Alerts are alerts that have been created by your district containing information that may be useful to you. Once you have read the alerts, you can click the Dismiss button to move on. These Web Alerts can be visited at any time from the Top Bar.

Home Page

Once you have dismissed your alerts (you may not have any), you will be able to view your home page.

Top Bar

At the very top of your home page, you will see a black bar with four different options you can click.

Your Name - Clicking on your name will take you to the account tab where you can change your personal information, PIN, and other settings.

Notifications - Click here to view the Web Alert your district has sent you.

Questions - Click here to view the name and phone number of your district's absence management point person.

Logout - Clicking the Logout option will log you out of Aesop and will bring you back to the login page.

Main Tabs

The main tabs will help you navigate quickly to the different areas of the employee website.

Home Tab - The tab with the blue house icon is your Home Tab. You can click this tab from anywhere in the website to be taken back to the home page.

Feedback - Feedback is an optional feature in absence management where you can leave feedback about a substitute's performance. If this feature is enabled by your district, you will see this tab. Click the tab to be taken to the Feedback section of the site where you can leave and view feedback.

Account - Clicking this tab will bring you to the Account area of your website. Here, you can change your personal information, PIN, Preferred Substitutes, view your absence reason balances, and more.

Directory - Under the Directory Tab, you can view substitute phone numbers as well as a list of people who approve your absences.

VeriTime (Now time and attendance)- If your district uses time and attendance, you will be able to access it from this tab. If you do not see this tab, it means your district is not using this product.

Help - The Help Tab will bring you to the absence management Learning Center where you will find articles, videos, and interactive guides to help you learn how to use the system.


Just below the main tabs is your interactive calendar. The calendar will show you an overview of what days you have scheduled absences as well as district closed and in-service days.

The calendar is color-coded to show the different types of days.

A black box around a date represents that it is the current day.

Blue days are past or scheduled absences.

Pink days are school closed days.

Orange represents in-service days.

Use the back and forward arrows to either side of the calendar to move back or forward in time on the calendar.

Clicking on an individual day in the calendar will pop up information about that day. If there is an absence on that day, you can take action on that absence right from the pop-up. You can also initiate absence creation by clicking any day in the calendar.

Absence Tabs

  The absence tabs give you the options to create new absences as well as view upcoming, past, and denied absences. Clicking these tabs will not take you away from the home page but will change what you are viewing on the home page.

Create Absence - Here, you can create a basic absence right from the home page.

Scheduled Absences - Under this tab, you can view a list of upcoming absences that you have already scheduled. Depending on your permissions, you may also be able to cancel absences from here.

Past Absences - This tab allows you to view your absences for the past 30 days.

Denied Absences - This is where you can view any absence requests that were denied by your approver.