Creating a User

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2016 09:15AM EDT
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If you want to create a user with administrative functions, you can do so while customizing the level of permissions the user has! This article will show you how to create Routings-Only, Standard, and SuperUsers.  
Only SuperUsers with permission to control users have the ability to create new users. For more information, please contact your administrator.
Home > Users > Create a new user 
From here, you can start entering your new user's information. First, enter a User ID and password. Also, choose if you want to have the new user reset their password to a password of their choice and if you want to email the login information to the user. If you choose not to email the login information to the user, you will have to manually send the information to the user. Leave the boxes checked to allow. Uncheck the boxes to skip those steps.

Step 4 contains options available for you if your users forget their passwords.
You can also choose to "Auto Reset" or "Manual Reset" the password. "Auto Reset" will generate a random, secure password and email it to the user. Then, the user will have to change the password at the next login. "Manual Reset" allows you to specify a new password. Please note that you are responsible for letting the user know the new password using the "Send login information to user" link.

To access these options, click the Manage Password Options link.

"Auto Reset Password" and "Manual Reset Password" links will appear below. Click the password-reset method you want.

Click the radio button beside the user-type you want this new user to be.

"Routings Only" users are the most restrictive type of user. They can only view applications that are given to them through routings, shared folders, or forwarded applications. This user type is good for interviewers and others who will need to view the applicant's materials.

"Standard" users can read any application accessible to them based on the contents of the "Application Permissions" tab. "Standard" users are typically Hiring Managers and others needing more selectable access to applicants and their materials. They can also send applications to interviewers . "Standard" is the most customizable and also the most popular type of user. If you are creating a "Standard" user, you will need to select more options by clicking each of the tabs beside the "Main" tab.

"SuperUser" is another name for "system administrator." This user can perform all functions within the system as well as delete applicants and view other users' actions. "SuperUsers" are users who need unrestricted access to all settings and information in applicant tracking and who understand how to use those settings.

A Super User may also be given the permission to manage other users in the system. This can be setup under the System Permissions tab.

Now, enter the user's information.

You also have the option to link the information you entered to a current employee. To do this, click the Link With Employee link. Then, select the employee you want to link from the list that appears.

Next, click the tabs near the top of the screen to specify the permissions for: When you are finished, click the Save and Close button.