What is Teachwise?

Last Updated: Oct 30, 2014 09:55AM EDT

Teachwise: an online marketplace for teachers!

90% of teachers are searching online for materials to use in their classrooms. However, many teachers have told us they're frustrated with the hours they spend searching for materials - often not finding anything that works for their specific needs. So, we created Teachwise - an online community where teachers can buy, sell, and share their original educational materials with other teachers. Teachwise provides a way for teachers to help other teachers succeed harnessing the power of hard work and collaboration to build strong classrooms and stronger students.

What does Teachwise mean for your teachers?

With Teachwise, you can:
  • Save time searching for educational materials
  • Find quality materials tested by other teachers
  • Tailor materials for their classroom
  • Share successful ideas within a teacher community

What does Teachwise mean for you?

  • Your teachers are focused on teaching - not searching for materials
  • Your students are staying engaged with fresh, relevant content

To learn more about Teachwise, please visit www.teachwise.com!