Creating Requisitions

Last Updated: Aug 11, 2016 07:51AM EDT
A title like "Requisitions" may sound intimidating, but they're really not! A requisition is a job posting with an approval process associated with it. This means hiring supervisors can electronically submit a request for a job to be posted. The request is stored within the system and may move through a series of approval steps, allowing other members of the organization to review, edit, and approve or deny.

Finally - you can now request that a job be posted without sending a bunch of emails!

Before you can start creating requisitions, you will need to enable them first. To learn how to enable requisitions, click here!
Home > Job Postings > Create New Requisition 
You can choose to create a new requisition from a blank form, use a template, or use a previous requisition as a guide. Click the link of the option you want. For this demonstration, we will use "A blank form."

Now you will need to fill out the tabs with the requisition's information. Essentially, this process is the same as creating a new job posting, except you have an extra step - customizing the approval process. Click on a tab's name below for more information!