Release Notes: October 2, 2015

Last Updated: Oct 29, 2015 08:08AM EDT

Aesop Navigator

By Monday, October 12th, Aesop will introduce a small addition to sub cancellation functionality. This add-on establishes specific, assignable reasons for a cancellation. These reasons can be created by Navigator site users and utilized by Campus site users and substitutes. The new feature can be found within the "Reference Data" tab on the Navigator's homepage.

From the side navigation bar, select Reference Data, and click Substitute Cancellation Reasons.

Here, the Admin can edit or review the current cancellation record(s). Click the "+" sign to add a new record. Click the Pencil icon to edit a record. Or, select the Trash Bin to delete a record.

If you add a record, click the Check icon to confirm.

Please note, the current record prompt will appear at the top of the list. If you refresh the page, the list of reasons will become alphabetized.

These reasons will then be used to explain Sub Cancellations. The Admin can view any listed absence modifications within the "Absence Log."

Campus User

A Campus User will use this feature to record the reason they manually removed a substitute from an assigned absence. Select an absence, and click Remove Sub in the right corner of the page.

You can then choose from the pre-defined list of cancellation reasons from the dropdown box provided.

Confirmation details will appear in the Campus User's "Absence Log."


The sub will use these options when cancelling an accepted job. First, select Cancel beneath the "Scheduled Jobs" tab. Then, choose from the pre-defined list of cancellation reasons which the Navigator created.

A pop-up window will appear. Choose a reason from the dropdown box, and click Yes, Cancel Job.