Organization Information Settings Overview

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2016 02:10PM EDT
Welcome to the Organization Information settings overview! In this 5-part video series, we'll walk through the Organization Information section of Master Data.

Part One: Contact Information and School Dates

In part one of the Master Data: Organization Information video series, we cover how to set up or edit District Information, absence management Administrator contact information, and your school year dates.

Learn more about contact information and school dates:
  • Administrator Contact Information - Link
  • District School Dates - Link

Part Two: Configuration Settings

In part two of the series, we'll look at the Configuration Settings tab, which includes substitute absence settings, your district’s schedule, and more.

Learn more about configuration settings:
  • Setting up district call times - Link
  • Understanding Call Periods - Link
  • Substitute absence / vacancy settings - Link
  • Shift types - Link
  • District work schedule - Link
  • Attaching files to absences & vacancies - Link
  • The Miscellaneous tab - Link

Part Three: Calendar Setup

This video in the series covers the absence management Master Calendar, including adding and managing closed and in-service days for your district.

Learn more about managing your district calendar in the absence management system:
  • Absence management calendar introduction - Link
  • Adding closed or in-service days - Link

Part Four: Communicating with Web Alerts

In part four of the series, we'll walk through the process of using web alerts in the system to communicate with users in your District.

Learn more about using Web Alerts to communicate to users:
  • Using Web Alerts - Link
You may be wondering, what exactly does a Web Alert look like when users log in and see one? Good question! Have a look:

As you can see in the screenshot, your message shows up in a window titled "Important Notifications". It displays your message, what location the message was posted for, when the message was posted, and the message priority. The user can close the message by clicking the Dismiss button.

Part Five: Feedback and Call Time Disclaimer

In the final video of the series, we'll look at setting up and managing absence feedback, as well as setting up the call time disclaimer for substitutes.

Learn more about the Optional Features tab:
  • Permanent substitutes - Link
  • What is absence feedback? - Link
  • Setting up absence feedback - Link
  • Configuring absence feedback questions - Link
  • Setting up absence approvals - Link
  • Using daily absence limits - Link
  • Substitute call time disclaimer - Link
For more information about the Organization Information settings under Master Data, download the Master Data Review Guide.