Setting Up Absence Reason Buckets

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2016 01:49PM EDT
The absence management system helps Administrators define absences at both the absence “reason” level and the absence “bucket” level. In other words, you can include several different absence reasons in a bucket and then add a balance to the bucket, its “list item(s)," or both!

Take note, if you already entered Absence Balances into the system, we recommend you proceed with caution. Contact client services first before changing the absence reasons or restructuring the “bucket” feature.
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Adding an Absence Reason Bucket

This page lists all current absence reasons and absence reason buckets.  To create a new bucket, simply click the link Add Absence Reason Bucket at the top of the page.

Now, fill in the required information and determine your preferences. (For this example, we are creating a bucket for "Bereavement.")
  • Name: Enter a name for your absence reason bucket. (Required)
  • School: Select which school can apply this absence reason bucket. (Required)
  • External ID: Include an ID for data imports.
  • Data Analysis Category: Choose a category that best matches the absence reason bucket.
  • Employee Types: Define which employee type(s) can use this reason. The system automatically assigns "All" but you can select specific options from the dropdown to limit and redefine this default option. 
  • Max Yearly Usage: Enter the yearly, maximum provisional time for absence reasons. Absence management "flags" any request which exceeds this amount. 
  • Enforce Balances: Prevents employees from entering absences once they exceed their balance. 
Click the blue Save button once you are finished. 

A new pop-up box will appear.

Creating Absence Reasons for Your Bucket

You can now add absence reasons to the newly created bucket. For this example, let's create two types of bereavement: “Immediate Family” and “Non-Immediate."

Click Create New Absence Reason to add an item to the list.

Complete the absence reason's details and click Save. If you wish to take a moment and learn more about this section, click here!

Viewing Your Results

You can select the folder icon on the Leave Balance page to view the newly created bucket and its absence reasons.

These absence reasons also now appear to employees during an absence creation. The employee can choose these two types of bereavement as well as any other previously created absence reason types.

Additional Bucket Details

Keep in mind, you can give a balance to the actual bucket or its absence reasons when you assign absence reason balances to employees.

Aesop labels each bucket assignment as a “Category Balance" (at the end of its title) and subtracts from that bucket's balance if an employee uses any of the bucket's affiliated absence reasons.

If you wish to learn more about assigning absence reason balances, feel free to reference this article here

Consider how these absence reason buckets and their individual absence reasons can save your district time and effort. This feature proves vital to an employee's absence creation and the absence management system can help with these everyday needs!