Enforcing Absence Reason Balances

Last Updated: Oct 04, 2016 02:26PM EDT
The absence management system will allow you to assign a certain number of absence reason days or hours to an employee.  For example, you can assign three personal days to a particular employee and the system will subtract from the initial balance given to the employee as the employee uses sick and personal days!

Absence management will keep track of the number of days or hours an employee takes for each specified Absence Reason and can allow employees to check on how many days/hours they have left for each of those Absence Reasons.

Enable 'Enforce Absence Reasons' Feature

Enable for District

Master Data > Organization Information > Miscellaneous
Begin by checking the "Enforce Absence Reasons Balances" check box on the Miscellaneous page.

Enable for Specific Schools

Master Data > School > General Information
After you have turned the feature on, you will still need to enable absence reason balance tracking for individual school locations. Do this by choosing Enforce from the "Enforce Absence Reason Balances" drop down menu at the bottom of the school's General Information page. 

Enable for Employee Types

Reference Data > Employee Types
Once you have turned on the feature, enabled it for the proper school locations, now you need to turn absence reason balance enforcing on for Employee Types. Do this by clicking the pencil icon next to the Employee Type you want to change, then check the box in the "Enforce Absence Reasons" column. Click the green check mark to save. 

Assigning Balances to Employees

The Data Import feature is the best way to add absence reason balances to multiple employees at once. You will be able to put your absence reason balance information into an Excel spreadsheet and import them into the absence management system. You will need to enter the Employees' identifiers, Absence Reason Balance External IDs, Initial Balance for the Absence Reasons, and the "as of date" that the balance will go in affect.

Need more help importing data into absence management? Learn more here.