Accounting Codes Data Import Template Guide

Last Updated: Nov 17, 2015 02:33PM EST
This guide will walk through the available fields in the Accounting Codes Import Template and what they mean. The Import Template is broken down in highlighted sections based on what type of information you are trying to import.

Color Key

Dark Blue
Required fields for importing new employees
Light Blue
Employee general info and permissions
For best results, delete any blank columns from your template before uploading.

Import Template Guide

Description of the accounting code.
External ID
External ID or identifying number of the accounting code. Can be alpha-numeric.
The Web ID of the school you would like to make this accounting code available to. The Web ID can be found on the school's general info page.
Put a "Y" in this column to mark the accounting code as public. This will allow you to give Campus Users the permission to use the accounting code. Put an "N" in this column to change a public accounting code to not public.
Remove Accounting Code
Put a "Y" in this column to delete the accounting code.