Absence Interactive Report

Last Updated: Oct 05, 2016 07:30AM EDT
Reports > Absence > Absence Interactive
With the "Absence Interactive" report, you can sort all of your district's absences by date-range, school, type (absences/vacancies), absence or vacancy reasons, employee types, and accounting codes.

You can also tailor your view of your search results by grouping them and limiting the amount of search results per page (threshold for details). If you want the absences to show as percentages of the day, click the box.

Let's look at an example: suppose you want to look at all the secretary's "Personal Illness" absences that were submitted for the Coat Hill School during this month. First, click the drop-down box under "Date Range" and select This Month.

Now, in the box under "Schools:", find VC Elementary Schools and click Coat Hill School under that.

Next, by "Type", select Absences from the drop-down menu, then select Illness > Personal Illness.Then, under "Employee Type", select Secretary.

Now click the Submit button. The results will populate below in the same window. If you would like to export the data to an Excel spreadsheet, click the Export to Excel link next to the Excel icon.