Using Welcome Letter Templates in Letter Writer

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2016 03:30PM EDT
Letter writer is an absence management feature that allows you to create custom letters and print them or email them to your users. In this article, we explain how to use our pre-made templates to send your welcome letters to absence management users!

Accessing Templates

Reports > Letter Writer
You will see sections sorted by the categories of information the system has in its database.
  • Employee Information
  • Substitute Information
  • School Information
  • Organization/Campus User

In these categories, you will see welcome letter templates that we have created for you to use as a starting point for sending welcome letters to your users.

Creating a Letter with a Template

To use a template, navigate to the type of users to whom you would like to send welcome letters. As an example, let's send welcome letters to employees. To do this, start by clicking on the Use as Template link located to the right of "Employee Welcome Letter Template."

Now you can see the template. We've already done the letter-writing for you! But if you would like to make some minor changes, you can do so by clicking anywhere on the template that is not highlighted in green. If you wish to save your changes for future use as a template, click the Save button at the top of your screen.


Don't worry about making a mistake; the original template will always be there for you to access whenever you need it! In the template, you will see our pre-written letter with some phrases highlighted in green. These are the places where Letter Writer will automatically populate the letter with the appropriate information when printed or emailed.

More Information about Letter Writer

If you would like to create your own original letter, click here to view the helpful Learning Center article!