Mass-Emailing and Mass-Printing Welcome Letters

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2016 02:01PM EDT
The absence management system allows you to email welcome letters to multiple users at once. This article explains how to create, send, and print these letters and it also highlights a few essential preliminary steps. So let's get started!
Reports > Letter Writer

Mass-Emailing Welcome Letters

Select the letter writer template you wish to use.

Once you make a selection, we first recommend that you change the default sender's email address with your own. This diverts any replies directly to your inbox.

To change the reply address, click the Email Parameters tab in the top left corner of the page.

Here, you can edit the email's subject and sender's address. Simply click the appropriate box and make your changes.

Ensure your IT department has followed the instructions in the "IT Department Needs" document. These guidelines help safeguard the emails from an employees' and/or substitutes' spam folders.
Once you are finished, click the Letter Configuration tab.

Next, we strongly recommend that you double-check the letter's recipients to avoid any errors. Simply click View Recipients to access this list.

Your selection opens a new window with a list of all the recipients but take note, this list depends upon the template you chose on the initial letter writer page. (Your options include employees, substitutes, or Campus Users.) 

Click the x on your web browser's tab to close the recipient list and return to your letter writer page.

You can select Filters to then configure the letter for specific people within the recipient list.

A list of available fields appears on the left while the right portion hosts any selected fields. These fields are categories that sort and separate your recipients.

For example, let's say you want to send this welcome letter only to your teachers. Simply click and drag the filter labeled Employee Type under the category "Other Fields" to the large box under the "Letter Template" and "Filter" tabs, or click the orange in the circle.

In the text box, type "Teacher" and take note that as you type, Letter Writer generates a list of possible entries. Double-click an item in the list to add it to the filter. This action informs the system to only email teachers.

You can then potentially add more employee types to this list by selecting them from the list or by typing an entry in the space provided. Letter Writer automatically separates each word with semicolons. Simply add as many filters as needed. As an example, you can add the "Title" filter, which allows you to send letters to specific teachers like "2nd grade" or "math".

To delete a filter, click the trash icon located to the right of the text box.

Keep in mind, we recommend you leave the "Active" filter since it ensures that you are only sending the letter to current employees. When you are ready to email the letters to your absence management users, click the Email Letter button at the top of your screen.

If you don't want to send the letters and would like to discard any unsaved changes, click Cancel.

Mass-Printing Welcome Letters

If you prefer the snail-mail route, feel free to print your letters. Start from the "Letter Template" screen that displays your letter template. Then, click click Print Letter at the top of your screen.

This takes you to a page with the letter in the background and a pop-up window in the front that provides some printing directions. It is very important that you follow those instructions to ensure your browser is configured correctly to print the letter without the various internet headers and footers. Once you follow the printing directions, you are all set to print using your browser print function. Just click OK to close the pop-up window. Then, open your browser's menu and click Print (this is sometimes represented by a printer icon).