Substitute Skills Report

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2016 02:45PM EDT
The "Substitute Skills" report provides a list of substitutes’ skills. This report can be filtered by the following: You can use this report to your advantage by seeing which skills your substitutes have and also see if any substitutes don't have any skills assigned to them, which could prevent them from acquiring jobs. To access the report, click Reports in the side navigation bar, and select Substitutes. Then, click Skills.

Then, use the drop-down menus to look for the substitute(s) you want to view. When you are ready, click Submit. A list will appear below with the information you requested. You will be able to see the substitute's name, phone number, a list of skills or certifications, and expiration information for those skills (if applicable). Also, this report is the best place to see any substitutes that might not have any skills attached. By checking the Show Substitutes with no skills box and clicking Submit, you will see any substitutes without skills.