Scheduling a Daily Letter with Letter Writer

Last Updated: Sep 20, 2016 02:23PM EDT
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So you are hoping to schedule a letter to be sent out on a daily or regular basis to your employees and/or substitutes? Great idea! This article will walk you through that process.
We recommend giving new employees an email address when they are hired and when they are entered into the absence management system. For substitutes, we recommend adding the email address received as part of their demographic information when they are hired. 
To set up daily letters, you'll want to use the Letter Writer tool. First, choose the type of letter you want to use as your “daily” welcome letter (Employee, Substitute, School, or Org/Campus User Information). Click the Create New link next to the desired section.

Email Parameters

Under the "Email Parameters" tab, ensure that the letter has both an email address listed as well as a subject line.

Letter Configuration

Under the "Letter Configuration" tab, you can edit the letter template (if needed) and set up filters.

Setting Up Filters

Under the "Filter" tab, be sure to have the "Active" field checked Yes and "Created" filter set up correctly.

Important: Make sure to have the "Created" filter set to “1 day before today” up until “1 day after today”. This should pick up any new substitutes or employees depending receiving your letter who are active and who were created within the last day.
When you have finished, click Save to save your changes.

Once you have saved your template, return to the main Letter Writer page and the Schedule Emails link will be available (it relies on a “created” filter).

From this point forward, you can schedule those emails to be sent on a daily basis.
If you are running this just once a week, for example, just choose a wider date-range in your "Created" filter.