Using Recurring Schedules for Report Writer Reports

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2016 02:55PM EDT
Scheduling Report Writer reports is a powerful feature that will assist you with setting up schedules for things like Daily Reports, an “unfilled alert” report that can be sent to your campus users only if jobs are unfilled as of a certain point, your payroll report to run each day, and more.

Looking to build a report in Report Writer? Learn more here.

Setting up a Recurring Schedule for Your Report

After you've built your Report Writer report and clicked Save & Run, you'll have the opportunity to set a recurring schedule for the report.


1. Select "Set a recurring schedule" from the Schedule list.
2. Select the start date as well as the time of day you would like the report to be run.
3. Select the frequency that you would like the report to recur.
4. Choose and end date (optional). Leave blank if there is no end for the report.
What are points? When a scheduled report is set up, a certain number of points will be deducted from the district total. A point system is setup in order to provide the same level of access to report scheduling for all of our customers. In general, more points will be used for reports that are more frequent (i.e. daily reports cost more points than weekly reports) and more database intensive (reports with long date ranges use more points than reports with a daily date range). The point usage legend is on the next page.

Viewing Reports that Have Been Scheduled

Reports > Scheduled Reports
Here, you can see all the reports that have been scheduled for your organization as well as the points that are being used to run each report.


This page will show you all of the currently scheduled reports, the details of the current schedule, who scheduled them, and to which distribution list they are going to. To modify the schedule of a report, simply click the pencil icon. To delete a report and free up those points, click the trash can icon.