Adding a New Distribution List for Report Writer

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2016 02:50PM EDT
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The Distribution List component of the absence management system will send reports to the user based on the combination of their school visibility, permission, and employee type profiles. This means that you can set up one Distribution list with all of your Campus Users included in it, and when the report is run, the system will send only the appropriate information based on the profile of the person that it is being sent to.
Distribution Lists are made up of Campus Users and absence management Administrators. If you have not set up and Campus Users or system Administrators yet, learn how to do so here.

Click the Add Distribution List link. You can create the list of recipients in a variety of ways. You can search by an individual's name or narrow down your search by School Visibility, Permissions, and Employee Type Visibility. As you search for users to add to this distribution list, you will see the boxes containing their names dynamically change.

If you click on the Add All Visible button below a given list, all of those recipients will then be imported to the Distribution List. You can also click-and-drag names from any of the lists.

1. Name your Distribution list (if you are setting this up to go to all principals and secretaries, a name like “Campus User Distribution List” should work fine.)

2. Add members to your distribution list – you can add the campus users by using the “add all visible” option, or simply by double clicking the names of the users or “drag and drop” functionality. Notice that the “permissions and visibility” column automatically understands the permission, visibility, and employee type profile that you have given your campus user previously.

3. Add more email addresses to the distribution list. The emails that you add under “other email addresses” will be used as additional email recipients under the same “permissions and visibility” as the profile on the left hand side.

You might find it beneficial to create a distribution list for “secretaries”, one for “principals”, and another for both secretaries and principals. This way, when you schedule a report for distribution, you could have it sent to either or both groups, respectively. To easily access campus users with a certain permission, use the red permissions drop down at the top of the distribution list creation tool to pull all users with a specific permission profile.

Sending a Report to a Distribution List

Learn how to build a report in Report Writer by clicking here. Once you've clicked Save and Run, click Distribute to List.


Choose the Distribution List you want to send the report to. Enter an email subject and message, and click Run.