Understanding Open/Closed vs. Active/Inactive

Last Updated: Jan 31, 2017 09:43AM EST
A job posting status will change during the hiring process. With this in mind, it is important to understand the difference between job posting terms. 


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The Open/Closed feature(s) allow or deny visibility to applicants.

Use an open job status to display job-related information on your website. An applicant can then view and interact with an open job status and pursue its listed criteria through a submission process. 

For more information on creating a job posting, click here
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Use a closed job status to remove the open status settings. The job will no longer be visible on the website, and applicants will no longer be able to add or submit for the job.

You can close a job within the "Display Info" portion of a Job Posting status.

Keep in mind, you can manually close a job by selecting the "Open" or "Closed" options, or you can create a date range and allow the system to automatically remove the posting. You are highly recommended to use the second option and create a date range within the "Based on Schedule" feature.

The date range allows you to establish an open and closing time frame for the job posting. Once the calendar date enters or passes the assigned date range, the system will automatically open or close the posting for you.

If you wish to learn more about closing a job posting, click here


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The "Active" feature allows admins to view active postings in the side navigation bar while screening applicants. The active posting is then generally inactivated once the hiring process is complete. A job's active or inactive status depends upon the "Applicant Tracking Status" within the Job Posting's Main Tab. You can use one of three features to mark a posting as "Active" or "Inactive."

To find these options, first choose a specific posting from the list, and scroll down to "Applicant Tracking Status." 

A job posting stays "Active" if you select the radio button beside "Active" or if the current date remains within the job posting's assigned date range. 

Select the radio button beside "Based on Schedule" to choose the appropriate date range settings. 

A job posting becomes "Inactive" if you select the radio button beside "Inactive" or if the current date falls outside the job posting's designated date range. 

Once you mark a job as inactive, it will no longer appear in the regular navigation. You must go to Home > Job Postings > All Postings By Status > Inactive Postings to find a list of your inactive postings. 
Keep in mind, you can also deactivate a posting when a new hire is marked as "hired" within the hiring wizard. If you wish to learn more about the hiring wizard, click here