Setting Up Approvers

Last Updated: Dec 14, 2016 09:14AM EST
Security > Principal Web > Principal Profiles
After you have set up absence approvals, you will need to set up Campus Users to approve absences. To do this, you'll need to give them permission to approve absences, set up approval profiles, and then assign the approval profiles to the Campus Users.

Assigning Approval Permissions to Campus Users

There are certain permissions that will need to be marked in the Campus User’s permission profile in order for the Campus User to approve absences. First, click Edit next to the profile you would like to edit.

Now, click the Details button next to the "Approve Absences" category and check the boxes next to the permissions (listed below) you want to grant to the Campus User.
  • Approve/Deny Absence Request: This permission is necessary to allow the Campus User to Approve.
  • Deny future days after absence request has been filled: This permission controls if the approver can deny an absence AFTER a substitute has filled the absence.
  • Deny regardless of denial cutoff settings: This permission controls the ability to allow an approver to override other denial settings at the Organization level.
  • Deny Specific days: This permission allows the approver to deny a specific day within a multiple day absence.

If you want to allow your Campus Users to edit and/or delete already-approved absences, then click the Details button next to the "Absence - Approved" category.

 Next, check the boxes next to the permissions you want to grant to the Campus User.

Set Up Approver Profiles

Security > Approver Profiles
The Approver Profile tells absence management which employee types, schools, and absence reasons the approver will approve for. You won’t have to create a separate approval profile for each approver, but you will have to create a separate profile for each approval process. First, click the Add a new profile link.

Now, give the approver profile a name and description. Then, configure the approval details.

1. School: If the profile is going to be used by various Campus Users, you can leave this as “Any.”

2. Employee Type: If a specific employee type is needed for approvals, select it here.

3. Absence Reason: Choose the Absence Reason that will need approval.

4. Level: Level is used for multi-level approvals. If you'd like to add more schools, employee types, and absence reasons, you can add lines to the Approver Profile by clicking the blue +.

When you are done editing the profile click Apply Changes to save.

Assign the Approver Profile to a Campus User

Security > Approver Profiles
Once you have set up the Approver Profile, you can assign it to Campus Users. Keep in mind that the absence management system will always respect the School Visibility and Employee Type Visibility. For example, even if the approver profile says the Campus User can approve for any school, the system will only let them approve for the schools in their School Visibility profile.
Keep in mind that if an approver profile is shared by more than one Campus User, then any change they make to the profile will affect all Campus Users it's assigned to. When making changes to approver profiles, first check to see who it is assigned to and decide if you want those changes applied to those users.
To assign an approver profile to a Campus User, first click the Associate link next to the Approver profile you want to assign.

Then, check the boxes next to the Campus Users you want to assign the Approver Profile to.

Click Apply Changes when finished.

Another way to assign an Approver Profile to a Campus User is by going to the individual’s Campus User profile page.
Security > Principal Web > Campus Users
Click the name of the Campus User to open up their "General Information" page.

Click the Edit button, and then choose the appropriate Approver Profile in the drop-down menu.

Click Apply Changes to save your changes. If you wish to learn more about using the absence and substitute management approval process, click here.