Vacancy Profile Import Template Guide

Last Updated: Sep 21, 2016 01:20PM EDT
This guide will walk you through the available fields in the Vacancy Profile Import Template and what they mean. The Import Template is broken down into colored sections based on what type of information you are trying to import.

Color Key

Dark Blue
Required fields for importing new Vacancy Profiles
Light Blue
Vacancy Profile general info and settings
Tips: 1) Every Vacancy Profile import will require the VacancyProfileID column so the absence management system knows which Vacancy Profile to make the changes to. 2) Before submitting your import, delete any column that are not being used from the Excel template.

Import Template Guide

Absence management Identifier from the Vacancy Profile general info page. This column should be left blank when adding new profiles. May be alphanumeric and up to 30 characters. This field will be required in all Vacancy Profile imports to identify the Vacancy Profile you want to update.
Vacancy Name
Name of the Vacancy Profile. This field is only required when adding a new profile.
External ID for the school(s) that this vacancy profile should be associated to. You can add one ID, or multiple IDs by seraching each with a comma. You may also type the word "All" to associate the profile with every school.
Y or N to clear schools previously attached to the profile.
Employee Type Description
Name of the Employee Type this profile should be associated to.
The room where the substitute should report when taking a Vacancy under this profile (e.g. Main Office)
Optional alpha-numeric value to associate with the Vacancy Profile.
Optional alpha-numeric value to associate with the Vacancy Profile.
Optional alpha-numeric value to associate with the Vacancy Profile.
Y or N to activate or inactivate the Vacancy Profile.
Free form text field. 50 character limit.
The External ID of the Budget Code you would like to associate to this Vacancy Profile.