Understanding Forms

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2016 01:44PM EDT
Forms are a vital tool which help streamline your current processes and workflows. This guide will assist you not only in creating a form but in understanding its function and use for every-day tasks.

Storing Information

Electronic Forms

Forms have a series of functions. You can use electronic forms to onboard applicants and to collect and store applicant information for your staff members to reference and review. Forms can also be used in relation to system recruiting for web-based hiring as well as HR Files for paperless employee management.

You can also create a form for any existing paper form or process you currently use in your organization and then store the form as a document within applicant tracking. These forms can include Onboarding Packets, Recommendation for Hires, and New Hire Checklists, just to name a few! (Pretty cool, huh?)

Public Forms Library

Applicant tracking provides you with a few basic forms and reference surveys to start, but you can also access a free Public Forms Library. This houses a variety of editable HR, state, and federal forms. 

Please note, if you cannot find the right form within this list, support can help you find a form that works best to meet your need. 

Creating and Editing Forms

Once you select forms from the library, you can perform edits to all form types and create a forms list with your district-specific forms.

Form Packets

Keep in mind, you can send out onboarding packets to new hires just as easily as sending a single form. Packets hold a range of items and can include a series of work-related forms such as an I-9, W-4, Emergency Contacts, Direct Deposit, etc.

If you wish to learn more about creating a form packet, click here!

Form Types

There are times when you may wish to create a new form rather than access and use forms from the forms library. You can choose one of three basic form types. The system offers Standard Forms, Reference Surveys, and Interview Questionnaires.

If you wish to learn more about the individual steps for creating a form, click here

Standard Forms/Packets are the most common form type and include any form which is not a Reference Survey or Interview Questionnaire. Examples include Onboarding paperwork, Intent-to-hire letters, Contracts, etc.

A Reference Survey allows you to email reference checks to the references which applicants provide. 

Applicant tracking supplies you with four initial reference surveys. You can either edit these surveys or create your own. 

If you wish to learn more about sending a Reference Survey, click here

You can edit Interview Questionnaires or create a new questionnaire from the Interview Question Library. These forms can be associated with Job Postings and accessed by interviewers to record information during interviews. All members of an interview committee can complete a form to record their own, individual thoughts.

You can gather more information here for filling out an Interview Questionnaire. 

Determining Form Permissions

Once you understand how forms are created and used, it is important to provide your staff with the proper permissions so they can also begin to start, send, view, edit, delete, or create these forms.

If you wish to learn more about establishing form permissions, click here

Take a moment to consider your individual district's needs and which forms may better assist you and your staff with your hiring and district processes. The Learning Center hosts a wide range of useful articles about forms and other relevant topics. Feel free to search for any additional details you may wish to gather.