Release Notes: December 2015 (Campus User)

Last Updated: Dec 08, 2015 03:03PM EST
Beginning in the month of December, Aesop will release new and exciting changes to the Navigator and Campus User website(s). These changes will primarily impact the layout and navigation.


Top Right

The logged in user's name will still appear in the top right corner of the page. You can click the name, and select one of three options.


Click My Profile to view the logged in user's name, login id, email address, phone, and selected language.

Click Pin to view or change your login credentials. Take note, you can select the "Pin" option from either the dropdown or as a second heading once you select My Profile.

You may also select Logout as a final option from the dropdown once you are finished.

Alongside the user's name, you can click the Help tab. The dropdown option provides a link to the Learning Center where you can gather additional learning resources.


Select Alerts to view any pending notifications.


Click the magnifying glass/Search to search for an absence using a confirmation number.

Top Left

Click the Aesop logo to return to the homepage.


Select the App Switcher to change between Aesop and other Frontline applications.

Side Navigation

The side navigation can now expand or collapse. Your screen's resolution may initiate the side menu to collapse for better viewing and visibility, but you can also manually collapse or expand the menu by clicking the Menu button.


This side bar replaces the tabs formerly located at the top of the Navigator and Campus User site. Each tab can be found in a vertical list with sub lists branching to the left.

Keep in mind, each option within the side navigation coincides with the former option found at the top of your site. The new change simply provides ease of access and greater option visibility!



While the dashboard option remains consistent, you can now click on each circle and switch between affiliated categories. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these new changes, please feel free to contact Aesop support.

We hope you enjoy the new layout!