Creating Mailing Labels Using Mail Merge

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2016 02:13PM EDT
The absence management system provides Administrators with a feature designed to create custom letters and you can print or email these letters within a few easy steps. But what about those pesky mailing labels? While the system does not offer a direct means to print a mailing label, you can still use some of its data to assist with this process. 

Keep in mind, you must first enter the employees'/substitutes' addresses into the absence management system prior to completing the following steps. For more information on adding an address, click here

Run a Custom Substitute Register Report

Reports > Report Writer
You must first create a Custom Substitute Register Report within Report Writer to transfer your data. If you have not yet created this report, click here! Once created, select Run with Saved Filters from the Report Writer page or click Save & Run if you have the report open. 

Next, select the checkbox beside "Excel Compatible" and click Run. If you have any additional questions about running a report in Report Writer, click here!  

You can then select the option Download as Excel Compatible (CSV). This downloads the report in an Excel format onto your computer.

Save the Excel File

Take note, the previously selected fields appear as Column headers with a list of your substitutes and applicable information within the spreadsheet. 

Save the file as "Microsoft Workbook File," change the filename extension to ".xls" and then close the Excel Workbook file.

You can now open Microsoft Word and continue with the next step! For more information, click here