Using Microsoft Word to Create a Mailing Label

Last Updated: Sep 16, 2016 02:15PM EDT
To create a mailing label, Administrators must export user details from absence management to Excel through a custom Substitute Register Report. From here, you can save your Excel file and use Microsoft Word to continue. 

If you are not yet familiar with these initial steps, consider referencing this article here

Mailings Tab

Once complete, open a new, blank document in Microsoft Word and select the Mailings tab. Then, click Start Mail Merge and select Labels...

Choose your label options from the pop-up box and click OK

Select Recipients

Next, choose Select Recipients and click Use an Existing List...

Select the Excel file you saved earlier and click Open. Then, click OK to continue past the file conversion settings. 

Insert Merge Field

You can now select Insert Merge Field and choose which fields you wish to display. Keep in mind, you first added these fields when creating your custom Substitute Register Report. Click the first option to begin.

If using a Mac, hold down your Shift key on the keyboard and click the Return key (Shift and Enter for Microsoft users). Then, click Insert Merge Fields again and select the next field. Repeat this process to add each field into your document. 

Highlight these added items to perform any additional configurations, if needed. You can center the text, adjust font size, etc. 

Update and Preview

Almost there! Simply click Update Labels to apply this format to your entire document and click Preview Results to see the finished product.

TA-DAA!! The Microsoft Word document formats the exported information into a clean address label for each user. Keep in mind, you can adjust any final spacing as needed. In this case, we added a secondary address field but if the user does not have one listed, it will leave a blank space. You can adjust any of these spacing and formatting preferences prior to printing! 


Rather than select the usual print option, simply click Finish & Merge within the "Mailings" tab and click Print Documents.

Then, configure your print options and click Print once more to complete the process. 

Congratulations my friend, you did it! Simply save the document and enjoy your mailing labels!