Release Notes: May 2016

Last Updated: May 19, 2016 07:07AM EDT
Starting in mid-May, Aesop will introduce a new layout for the Absence Reason page! This interface offers a clean and redesigned look yet still keeps all the necessary features intact.
Reference Data > Absence Reason 

Absence Reason Types

Check it out! Aesop now organizes your information with green "checks" and grey "x's" and removes the former grid and multi-toned features. 


*After! :) 

Unlike before, the absence reason buckets now host assigned absence reasons within a convenient dropdown list. Simply click the folder icon to view these absence reasons and their individual details.

Admins can also now click on any absence reason or bucket and instantly enter an editing mode. 

Absence Reason Bucket

To view the new features, select Add Absence Reason Bucket or click the title of a previously created bucket from your list. The absence reason bucket includes the same features as before but in a new layout with dropdown boxes and more manageable options. 

Review the following images for another quick comparison: 


*After! :D 

Notice that Aesop includes all your absence reasons in the side bar. Rather than return to the previous page, you can select any additional buckets or individual absence reasons directly from here!

Simply make a selection or click Cancel to return to the previous page. 

Individual Absence Reason

Next, select an absence reason from your list or click Add Absence Reason from the initial Absence Reason page. 

The individual absence reasons include a new layout as well!


*After! :] 

These updates offer a unique and helpful method to better manage your absence reasons. Consider how these new changes can best assist both you and your district!