Reviewing and Posting a Requisition

Last Updated: Aug 19, 2016 11:34AM EDT
As an Administrator, you may wonder how a requisition's approval process occurs. This functionality allows assigned users to assist with a requisition's eventual posting and applicant tracking makes the process quite manageable!

Submitting a Requisition

Let's start from the beginning. You must first create a requisition and choose your approvers. Each person then reviews the assigned portions before the Final Approver reviews and posts the requisition online. (Not too bad, right?)
Home > Job Postings > Create New Requisition
The user who creates and submits the requisition generally completes the "Main" and "Approval Process" tabs. 

To do this, enter the requisition's basic details on the "Main" tab and select the Approval Process tab to continue.

The "Approval Process" tab allows you to select your individual approvers and assign a Final Approver. Now, keep in mind, the system only requires a Final Approver but you can assign additional approvers based on your desired setup. Applicant tracking also allows you to predefine approvers before a requisition's creation!

Once you enter the necessary information, click Submit Requisition

Approving the Requisition

The system emails the requisition to either the next approver or the Final Approver (based on your setup) and each approver reviews and edits the requisition as necessary. 

An approver can edit either all the requisition tabs or just designated tabs based on permissions. In this example, the next assigned approver can open the requisition from their inbox and perform any necessary edits to the "Main" tab and/or the "Approval Process" tab.
Home > Job Postings > Requisition Inbox

From the Requisition Inbox, the approver can simply select the JobID and open and review the requisition.

Once the reviewal process occurs, the person can click Approve Requisition or Deny Requisition. An approval sends the requisition to the next approver while a denial returns the requisition to the person who created it. 

The system includes a dropbox once the approver selects either option. You can leave an optional comment and choose to receive an email once the requisition becomes a job posting. 

In this example, the next approver must repeat the same process to open the requisition and review the information. But take note, the district provides this person with permission to view and add additional details to any of the requisition's tabs. Applicant tracking recognizes these permissions and includes all additional tabs as seen below.

For more information on each of these tabs, click here

Once finished, the approver also selects Approve Requisition to send the information to the Final Approver or Deny Requisition to divert the requisition back to the creator. 

Posting a Requisition

The Final Approver grants the ultimate approval and posts the requisition as a job posting. The person accesses the requisition from their Requisition Inbox and selects the JobID to view/edit the information. 

Once complete, this person must select Approve Requisition or Deny Requisition and either post the job or request additional edits. 

If approved, the system includes a confirmation box regarding the new job posting. 

The system then marks the requisition's status as "Approved!"