Overview of the "My Account" Tab

Last Updated: Sep 02, 2016 08:27AM EDT
Administrators must regularly navigate their district's applicant tracking features and this requires a unique understanding of your system's setup. The "My Account" tab hosts major applicant-related settings and you can gain an overview of these options within this article. So let's get started! 

First, access "My Dashboard" and select My Account to begin.

My Folders and Routings

The first section within this tab hosts relevant folder and routing details. Click this option to view your current, shared, or inactive folders and make the appropriate selections to add or edit material. In addition, this section allows standard, HR Admins, and SuperUsers to select their routings but the Admin generally only selects these routings if they wish to receive an email every time someone submits for a vacancy or position.
  • To reference a brief article on viewing applicants in these folders, click here
  • To reference a brief article on viewing routings, click here!
  • For more information on deleting a folder, select this link
  • Reference this article to learn more about editing a folder's details. 
  • To remove an applicant from a folder, consider this article
  • You can learn more about a search folder to "house" your searches here.
  • Or, to inactivate a folder, check out this cool article
(Wow, did you get all that? Stay with me. The rest gets easier.) 

Create a New Folder

This option provides quick access to a folder's creation. Click Create a New Folder to open the folder wizard (*disclaimer: actual magical wizards not included) and determine your folder's status and affiliated user permissions and accessibility. Keep in mind, you can also select this option within the My Folders and Routings option as seen in the section above. 

To learn more about a folder's creation, click here

Configure My Routings

This section identifies which vacancies and positions you currently monitor and you can add or adjust your routings based on which vacancies and positions you currently have access to route. Simply select the dropdown to add or adjust the entries and determine your email and attachment preferences.

For more information, click here!

My Interviews

Reference this section to track your interview rounds or create additional interview series.  

Edit User Information

Update your personal user details (name, department, etc.) within this section. This information serves as your security and system identifiers. 

Edit Email Templates

Your applicant tracking system provides a useful email feature to contact applicants and perform work-related tasks. You can add or edit these email templates within this section. To learn more about this process, click here

Edit User Preferences

You can edit how your applicant tracking system appears to your users. Simply click the radio button beside the "modern" or "classic" look and determine the Quick Look's preferred document type. Keep in mind, we recommend you always select "Modern" as your preference. 

Fill Out a New Form

The system lists all form-related details within this feature. Similar to the Forms section, you can preview and fill out a form as needed. For more information on this process, consider this article

Send a Form

In addition to filling out a form, you can also send a form for another user or applicant to complete. This step also mirrors similar available options within the Forms feature and you can learn more about this process here