Using Absence Management Mobile

Last Updated: Dec 05, 2016 02:58PM EST
Employees can log in to Frontline's absence management feature directly through their mobile device! This accessibility allows an employee to review absence details, create an absence, review important notifications, and much more! 

Mobile Login

For starters, enter into your mobile web browser. This action opens the login page for the absence management feature. 

Enter your ID (generally your 10 digit phone number) and your 4-5 digit PIN into the boxes provided and click Login.

Take note, the login page also includes additional options beneath the ID and PIN entry.
  • Remember Me: Click the checkbox beside "Remember Me" to save your login details.
  • Mobile Tips: Select Mobile Tips to learn more about enabling JavaScript (if not automatically enabled) and how to bookmark the website for Android or iPhone users. 
  • Go to Full Site: Click this option to view the full version of your absence management website. Keep in mind, the full site does not provide the optimized version for mobile devices. 

Home Page Overview

The home page includes a "Menu" and "Logout" option at the top of the page as well as four quick links to important features. 

  • Logout: This option logs you out of the absence management mobile feature.
  • Menu: This option opens a menu where you can return to the home page, access the full site, or log out. 

Quick Links
  • Upcoming Absences: This page displays any absences from the past 7 days and the next 90 days. You can also view specific details for each absence. 
  • Absence Balances: This page identifies your remaining balances for specific absence reasons. For example, it can identify how many personal days you have left, etc. 
  • Create an Absence: This option allows you to create an absence directly from the mobile device. You can enter the absence details and also assign a sub if provided the proper permissions. 
  • Notifications/Web Alerts: This option appears if you have any pending notifications. These updates include filled absences, approved or denied absence requests, etc. 
If you wish to learn more about these quick links, consider referencing this article here

As you review your options, keep in mind that this is not a mobile app. You can access it from your internet browser on any mobile-optimized device including a smartphone, iPad, tablet, etc. and it does not require a download from the Apple or Android store.