Using the Quick Links on Absence Management Mobile

Last Updated: Dec 05, 2016 02:49PM EST
Once employees log in to the absence management mobile site, they can begin to use the four quick links on the home page. These quick links include Upcoming Absences, Absence Balances, Creating an Absence, and Notifications. Review each option within this article as you consider your individual need(s).

Upcoming Absences

This page displays any absences taken within the past 7 days and those scheduled for the next 90 days. You can click the Details button beside an absence to view additional information. 

The details page shows the status of the absence, whether it received approval, the assigned sub's name, and other important absence information.

An employee can also select the "Actions" dropdown at the top of the page to assign a sub (if needed) or to cancel an absence. 

Absence Balances

This page identifies the balances for your absence reasons. Click More beneath each balance to view the initial balance, time used, and pending absences.  

Create an Absence

Access this page to enter an absence into the system. 

Click the calendar icon or the left/right scroll arrows to choose a date. You can then click the dropdown menus to choose a school, absence reason, absence type, and whether a substitute is required. 

Select More to view the "Notes" section and include notes to subs or Administrators. 

Once complete, you can then click Save to record your absence details or Save & Assign to choose a sub (if permissions allow). 

This selection opens a new page where you can search for a substitute by last name and assign them to the absence. Simply enter the sub's name into the space provided and click Assign.

Once you select the sub, a pop-up box appears. Simply click Assign to confirm. The page then indicates a finalized confirmation box which indicates that you successfully assigned the sub. 

Notifications/Web Alerts

This option indicates how many pending notifications await your review. Once selected, you can reference updates such as filled absences, approved or denied absence requests, etc.