Troubleshooting Login Issues

Last Updated: Feb 08, 2017 05:19PM EST
With the recent update to the login screen, there may be some issues logging in for some users. Here are some troubleshooting tips to help alleviate current login issues. Feel free to share this information with any user in the district.

Verify the user's login credentials

With many users having relied on saved usernames and passwords, it’s crucial first to make sure that what they’re entering to log in is what is listed on their accounts in the system. Usernames and passwords are the same as a user's Login IDs and PIN.

Clear their web browser's cache

The cache is like a web browser’s short-term memory. Each time you access the Internet, a portion of that session is stored in the cache. After a while, this cache becomes overloaded and bogged down, which can affect how the browser interacts with the absence management system.
You can find and share steps for clearing a web browser’s cache in the following Learning Center article: Clearing Your Web Browser's Cache
IMPORTANT: Have users EXIT from ALL web pages after clearing the cache, even pages not related to absence management. This is crucial for the cache clearing to take effect.
Clearing the cache will also sever the connection between the web browser and any saved login information and saved websites.

Be aware of saved or bookmarked websites for the system 

The update was to the login screen for all users of the system. If users are still accessing the old website through a saved or bookmarked site AND are having trouble logging in with the bookmarked site, they might not be redirecting to the new login screen correctly.
Have users with these issues type in the URL into their web browser’s address bar and save that site for future access.

Manually type in the verified Login ID and PIN

Do not rely on any saved login credentials. Make sure users are typing in their usernames and PINs before trying to log in again. They should not be relying on any saved or prefilled login credentials, as these saved credentials might be different. Users can save their verified username and PIN after confirming they can log in. 

Try using another web browser

If problems persist, try logging in using another web browser. This might help identify whether the issues are being caused by the previous web browser or by the system. If using another web browser allows access, then the issue was caused by the previous web browser, which might not have had its cache cleared correctly or is outdated.

Troubleshooting issues using the Safari browser

If any users are trying to log into the absence management system using the Safari web browser on smart devices, and see that the page is either inaccessible or continually loops without loading, there are conditions that must be in place with Safari for the system to be accessible. 
  • Safari cannot access Absence Management in Private Browsing Mode.
  • Safari cannot access Absence Management if Cookies are Blocked.
Any users reporting issues accessing the system on a smart phone, smart device, or Mac, specifically using the Safari web browser will need to be made aware of the above conditions, and make any necessary changes to enable access. 

If users are not sure how to check their phones and devices for the above conditions and still cannot access Absence Management using Safari, please have them download an app for another web browser, such as Google Chrome.