Frequently Asked Questions

 Why am I not seeing any jobs?

There are a number of possible reasons that jobs aren't showing up as available. There are a few things you can check. First, make sure that you aren’t limiting yourself in your “Schools” preferences. Also, make sure that you have your call times set to allow maximum job offers. If you’re still not seeing anything, you can contact your district’s absence and substitute management Administrator to make sure you are seeing the correct job offers.
 I don't know my Log-in or PIN. How do I find it out?

Forgot your PIN number? Not to worry! When you go to log in to the system at, you’ll see a link for “Pin Reminder.” Here, you can enter your phone number and email and have your PIN number sent directly to you. If you still have trouble logging in, contacting your district’s absence and substitute management Administrator for help is your next step! They will be the best one to answer your questions.
 What is Jobulator, and how do I get it?

Jobulator is a subscription service from the makers of your absence and substitute management system that continuously and automatically checks for any available job offers through the system. Notifications can come to your computer desktop or even straight to your smartphone. To learn more about pricing and how to purchase Jobulator, please visit
 What do I do if I miss a call from the absence management system?

If you missed that phone call, you can always call back, toll-free, at 1-800-942-3767 to hear a current list of available jobs to accept. You can also log-in online to view those same jobs. You’ll want to act quickly, though. The system may have already called the next substitute in line with that job offer.
 What if I only can work at certain schools?

If you only want to work at certain schools and don’t want job offers from others, it’s as easy as setting up your “Schools” list in your preferences. Here, you can specify what locations you want to see jobs for, or specify those you do not. For help setting up that list, you can reference the Preferred Schools article. If you are unable to create that list, please contact your district absence and substitute management Administrator for help in setting up that list.