Getting Started With Absence Management

This guide will help you get started using the absence and substitute management system, whether you're a brand new user or just need a refresher, so you can use the system to its full-potential.
Keep in mind: Some functions are permission-based. If you see something in an article that you are not able to do or doesn't look exactly the same as what you see on your screen, your district may not have given you permission to access this function.

Basic Training Video

In the basic training video, we cover topics like how to log in, create an absence, change your PIN, and more!

Once you've completed the basic training video, dig deeper by viewing the advanced training video.

Creating an Absence

​The system makes it easy for you to quickly enter your absences. The easiest way to enter an absence is by using the "Create an Absence" tab on your home page. 

Simply choose the day(s) you will be absent, then choose other details like your absence reason, the time-frame of your absence, and more. You may also be able to add notes to your Administrator, or even assign a Substitute (dependent on your District's settings).
Learn more about creating basic absence here, or creating more advanced absences here. If you are an Itinerant (multi-school) employee, click here to learn how to create an absence.

Setting Up a Preferred Substitutes List

Your district may have given you the ability to select a list of the substitutes you prefer to fill your absences. The system will attempt to contact these substitutes first when you create an absence.

Learn more about setting up and managing your Preferred Substitutes list here.