Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I reset a user's password?

While editing the user's information, click on the Main tab. Under the "Login Info," you will see the "Manage Password Options" link. Click the link to auto-reset the password, which generates a random, secure password and automatically emails the user, or manually-reset the password, which allows you to specify a new password. If you manually reset the password, you must send the new password to the user.
 ​How do I forward an applicant?

From your applicant tracking home page, click on Applicants in the side navigation bar on the left side of the screen. Then, search for the applicant with the Applicant Dashboard. Next, select the applicant you want to forward by clicking the Open link. Click the Forward button near the top right corner of the page and a new window will appear. Check the boxes next to the users or groups you want to forward the applicant to. You can also add emails to forward the applicant to. When you are finished, click the Forward to User button. Get more information about forwarding applicants here.
 ​What system features should I use to best manage applications?

Admins use the applicant tracking system to browse and search for applicants. Reference this QuickStart Guide to review best practices when working with an application. 
 ​How do I create a form?

The system provides multiple forms in its Form Library, or you can create a Standard Form, Reference Survey, or Interview Questionnaire of your own. To create a form, go to Home > Forms > Design Forms and Packets > Create New Form. You can choose a new form, an existing form, a template, or the Form Construction Service. To learn more about forms, click here, or reference this article to understand the form creation process.
 ​How do I create a user?

The system includes three common user types: Routings Only, Standard, and SuperUser (also known as an HR Admin for Consortium users). Only SuperUsers (or HR Admins for Consortiums) with permission to control users have the ability to create new users. Go to Home > Users > Create a New User. Enter the user's basic information and complete each tab to determine application, employee, form, and system permissions. Reference this article as you perform these steps.  
 ​How do I submit a requisition?

A requisition is a job posting with an associated approval process. Go to Home > Job Postings > Create New Requisition, and select a blank form, template, or posting. A requisition includes a series of tabs that you use to define its setup prior to choosing your approvers. (The user who creates and submits the requisition generally completes the "Main" and "Approval Process" tabs.) Reference this printable QuickStart Guide to learn more about each tab, or reference this article for a more comprehensive overview.
 ​How do I review or post a requisition?

Once submitted, the system emails the requisition to either an approver or Final Approver (based on your setup). An approver can edit all or designated tabs based on permissions before a Final Approver reviews and posts the requisition as a job posting. From the requisition inbox, simply select the JobID, review/edit the information, and click either Approve Requisition or Deny Requisition. An approval sends the requisition to the next approver or posts the requisition as a job posting (if performed by the Final Approver). A denial diverts the requisition back to the person who created the requisition. If you have additional questions, click here
 ​How do I create and post jobs?

Go to Home > Job Postings > Create New Posting, and select a blank form, template, or posting. You must then define the information associated with this posting through a series of tabs. Reference this brief, printable QuickStart Guide to complete each tab prior to posting, or reference this article for a more comprehensive overview.
 ​How do I retrieve a deleted applicant?

The system retains a trashed applicant's record until you restore or permanently delete it. Access Home > Tools > Maintenance Tasks > Manage Trashed Applicants. You can view all deleted applicants and restore or delete an applicant's record. Click here to learn more!  
 ​Why does a job not appear on the applicant's profile?

A job's open or closed status determines whether an applicant can view the job. You can define this status within the job posting's "Main" tab in the Display Info section. (Click here to learn more.) If the problem persists, the applicant may have deselected the job following his/her submission. Reference Tools in the applicant's QuickLook and review the applicant's submission history to determine if this occurred. (Click here to learn more.)
 ​How do I create a new application page?

"Application pages" are pages you add to an application for the applicant to fill out. Go to Home > Setup > Applicant Settings > Manage Application Pages. If you have Internal Applications enabled, you can select either Manage Internal Pages or Manage External Pages. Both options take you to the same list of pages. Click Add a New Page and select a blank or existing page. Enter a prompt, determine page properties, and click Save Changes. For more information, click here
 ​How do I define applicant requirements?

You can use multiple features/tools within the applicant tracking system to define application completion standards. These include pages assigned to categories and positions, supplemental material pages, pages assigned to job postings, and per posting questions. Reference this article to understand and utilize these options.
 ​What is the difference between a category, position, and page?

Applicants view job postings by category. Positions further define jobs into job types and help applicants find positions that best suit their abilities. Once you have categories and positions, you can create, manage, and assign pages for applicants to complete. Reference this overview article to learn more. 
 ​How can I use "My Account" to best manage my applicant settings?

Go to Home > My Account to review your personal applicant-related settings. These options include My Folders and Routings (to determine routings and to review current, shared, or inactive folders), Edit Email Templates (to add or edit email templates used to contact applicants and perform work-related tasks), and My Interviews (to track your interview rounds). For more information on these and other "My Account" options, click here.  
 Why am I seeing an email that says "Possible Unauthorized Message Detected"?

If you see this alert, don’t panic! The alert occurs when you change your email address. The applicant tracking system expects the email they use to contact you to match with the email you use to send a reply. If you email the applicant tracking system with a personal email but switch to a work email, an alert is triggered. Applicant tracking treats the new email as a potential security risk and warns you for your benefit. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support specialists at