Frequently Asked Questions

 How do I reset a user's password?

While editing the user's information, click on the Main tab. Under the "Login Info," you will see the "Manage Password Options" link. Click the link to auto-reset the password, which generates a random, secure password and automatically emails the user, or manually-reset the password, which allows you to specify a new password. If you manually reset the password, you must send the new password to the user.
 How do I create a new job posting?

Adding a new job posting is easy! Start by clicking on Job Postings in the navigation bar on the left side of your screen. Next, click on Create New Posting. Now choose if you want to start from scratch with a blank form, use a template, or use an existing posting.You can now start entering or adjusting the job posting's information! Finally, click on a tab name below to learn more about that tab. For more detail information on job postings check this article.
 ​How do I forward an applicant?

From your applicant tracking home page, click on Applicants in the side navigation bar on the left side of the screen. Then, search for the applicant with the Applicant Dashboard. Next, select the applicant you want to forward by clicking the Open link. Click the Forward button near the top right corner of the page and a new window will appear. Check the boxes next to the users or groups you want to forward the applicant to. You can also add emails to forward the applicant to. When you are finished, click the Forward to User button. Get more information about forwarding applicants here.
 Why am I seeing an email that says "Possible Unauthorized Message Detected"?

If you see this alert, don’t panic! The alert occurs when you change your email address. The applicant tracking system expects the email they use to contact you to match with the email you use to send a reply. If you email the applicant tracking system with a personal email but switch to a work email, an alert is triggered. Applicant tracking treats the new email as a potential security risk and warns you for your benefit. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to reach out to our support specialists at