Frequently Asked Questions

 Why can't the employee/sub cancel an absence?

One reason might be because that sub or employee doesn't have that permission. To change that setting, first go to that employee or sub's "General Information" page, and then click the gray Permissions tab. Under this tab, you will see the "Absence Cancellation" section. Choose the appropriate permission. Don't forget to click the Apply Changes button to save your changes.

Another reason they may not be able to cancel is if it is too close to the start time of the absence. Check the school’s "Cancel Cutoff Times."
 Why can't I see the "no sub required" option on this absence?

The employee's permission settings determine if they require a sub when they create an absence. If you are not seeing the option for “no sub required” when creating an absence that means that employee is set to always require a sub.

To change this setting first navigate to the employee’s "General Information" Page and click the gray Permissions tab. Under this tab, you will see the "Substitute Requirement" section. If you want the employee (or admin who is creating an absence for the employee) to be able to choose if a sub is not required, select the option: can decide if a substitute is required.

Don’t forget to click the Apply Changes button to save the changes.
 Why isn't the sub seeing the correct buildings?

First make sure that substitute is on the correct Visibility Hierarchy to see what lists they are on and if they have been excluded from a list.

Another thing to check would be the sub’s Preferred School List. If a sub has marked a school as not preferred they will not see jobs from that school.
 Where can I find my employees' and subs' PINs?

You can find an employee’s or sub’s PIN on their General Information Page.

You can also access a list of the employee and sub PINs on the Register Reports:
Reports > Employee > Employee Register Report
Reports > Substitutes > Register
 Help! An absence was accidentally deleted.

Don't worry! If you accidentally delete an absence and you need to get it back, just contact a Client Services rep. They can recover it for you in less than 5 minutes!
You can contact us by Live Chat, phone (610-722-9745), or email.
 How do I set up preferred or excluded subs?

Your absence management system allows the administrators and employees to specify certain subs as preferred, thus giving them preference over others. These preferred subs are contacted first and have the ability to view jobs online before their peers, depending on visibility settings. Click here to read more about how preference lists work.

Check out the “Setting Up a School’s Preferred Substitute List” article for more on the details of setting up a Preference List.
 Can substitutes search for jobs on their mobile phone?

The system's substitute website is not optimized for mobile phones. However, a substitute may be able to use a smartphone web browser to search for and accept jobs.

The easiest way for subs to search for jobs on the go is Jobulator: an absence management approved mobile app! This app will notify them of available jobs and allow them to accept them right from their mobile device. Learn more here!
 How do I train new employees and subs?

If you have a new user, the easiest way for them to get familiar with the system is to watch the training videos. The training videos can be found in the Help section of the user’s absence and substitute management website:

Employee Web Basic Training

Employee Web Advanced Training

Substitute Web Basic Training

There are also QuickStart Guides for employees and subs:

Employee Web User Guide

Substitute Web User Guide
 Why can't the sub see this job?

First, check the "Sub Availability" tab in the absence’s "modify" page (click View All if you don’t see their name). Also, check to be sure they are on a Preference List (don’t forget about the District preference list). Learn more here.
 How do I convert a substitute to an employee?

Begin by navigating to the "General Information" page of the substitute you want to convert. Then, click the Make this Substitute an Employee link at the top left of the page. This will automatically copy the sub’s information into an Employee record. Now, assign the new employee an Employee Type and a School, and then click Apply Changes. That’s it!
 How do I add multiple schools to an employee?

Navigate to the "General Information" page of the employee you want to add multiple schools to. Click the Edit button. Scroll down to the “School(s)” section, click and hold the Ctrl key and select the schools you want (they will highlight blue). Then click Apply Changes to save.