Frontline Edge is an ongoing series of live webinars hosted by Frontline Education support representatives, covering a wide range of absence and substitute management topics. There are currently no upcoming sessions, but you can watch previously recorded sessions below.


Previously Recorded Sessions:

Importing: The Basics
Recorded: June 7, 2016
So, you’re curious and thinking...“There has got to be an easier, faster way to update records versus updating them one by one.” Or perhaps, you know there is a way to upload employee balances into Aesop but you don’t know where to start. Regardless of your situation, this class will certainly help shed some light on the basics of Importing.
Best Communication Practices: Letter Writer, Web Alerts, Notifications
Recorded: May 31, 2016
Did you know you can create custom letters and print or email them to all of your users? Did you know you can post web messages to your end-users or to an individual type of User? Aesop also generates automatic notification phone calls and emails for a variety of situations in Aesop. Would you like to know how to take advantage of these awesome features? Watch this Edge Class!
Aesop Users Part 2: Campus & Organization
Recorded: May 24, 2016
Besides employees and substitutes, there are two additional types of users that Aesop calls Campus and Organization Users. These administrative users are generally overseeing your employee’s and substitutes however, not everyone shares the same level responsibilities. Some admin Users may only run payroll reports while others are simply approving employee’s absences in Aesop. In this Edge class we’ll discuss the permissions, visibility, approvals and other responsibilities for these types of Users.
Aesop Users Part 1: Employees & Substitutes
Recorded: May 17, 2016
There are 4 different types of Users in Aesop. Your employees and substitutes are typically the 2 largest of these 4 groups. How can you be sure you’ve set them up correctly and that the system is functioning the way you need it to for these users? In this 1st class of our 2-Part series on “Aesop Users”, we will show you the areas of high importance when it comes to your employees and substitutes.
Absence Reason Balance Rollover
Recorded: May 10, 2016
One thing many Aesop Administrators are asked to do during the summer break is to update the absence reason balances for all employees before the new school year starts. This doesn’t have to be a tedious and time-consuming task. In this edge class we’ll walk you through the best way to make these changes easily and efficiently.
Reports Part 3: How to Build Some Common End of School Year Reports
Recorded: May 5, 2016
In this final class of our 3-Part series on Reports, we’ll show you how to build a some very useful end of the school year reports that will cause you to fall totally in love with Report Writer.
Reports Part 2: Report Writer Reports You Can Customize and Build From Scratch
Recorded: May 3, 2016
In this second class of our 3-Part series on Reports, we’ll focus on the basics of customizing reports by using Aesop’s unique and vast Report Writer feature. If you want to know more about how create reports but have always been leery to sail in the uncharted waters, then you should definitely sign up for this class.
Reports Part 1: Canned Reports at Your Fingertips
Recorded: April 26, 2016
We all know Aesop is tracking a ton of information but how do I pull it out of the system..and fast? Well, in this 1st class of our 3-Part series on Reports, we’ll show you popular reports that you may not have even known were there and you needed. If you want to know more about how to quickly access beneficial reports that are just a few clicks away, this class is for you!
Reconciling: What Is It, Why Is It Important and Who Should Be Doing It?
Recorded: April 19, 2016
Reconciling absences is an important aspect of ensuring the data in Aesop is accurate. Before Aesop, you may have had your admin verifying absence information on paper forms. In this edge class you’ll learn how a simple task of reconciling could save a lot of time not only your Admin, but also for your payroll staff.
Absence Reasons Types: Breaking Down the Structure of your Setup
Recorded: April 12, 2016
When employees register absences, they choose from a list of Absence Reasons that you define. This edge class will show you how to configure your absence reasons to require approval, enforce a balance, and more!
The Absence Tabs: Investigating the Absence Log, Available Subs, Call History Tabs... Sherlock Holmes style!
Recorded: April 5, 2016
In this edge class you will learn the ways of an investigator. Yes, the absence record has many tabs that can help clue you into all kinds of unsolved mysteries like... who created the absence, who was called, what subs are available and more! Check out this class as we explore the absence confirmation number and dive deep into the absence record’s tabs.
Visibility: Skills & Preference Lists – How Does it Work, What’s More Important?
Recorded: March 29, 2016
“My subs claim they can’t see the job and this sub hasn’t received a phone call in Days” Sound familiar? We know subs have preferences for when they would like to be contacted or perhaps where & when they want to work... but many of these recurring questions could be related to how your district’s Visibility is setup. In this edge class you will learn how preferences lists and skills play a vital role for HOW and WHEN jobs are made visible to your substitutes.
Aesop’s Absence Process: Who’s Responsible for What, When, Where & How
Recorded: March 22, 2016
In this edge class we give you a visual flow for the absence process in Aesop, including the roles and responsibilities of everyone from employees and substitutes, to campus users and payroll. You had an old process for managing absences prior to Aesop. So, what does it look like now that you’re using this new system?
The Learning Center Tour
Recorded: March 15, 2016
Maybe, you're newer to the Aesop system and need some basics on where to find things. Maybe your district has recently hired new subs and employees and you're responsible for training them. Perhaps your secretaries are stuck and looking to you for answers... Well, don't fret. The answers you need may be right around the corner in our Learning Center. There are invaluable resources, training materials, guides, even videos that could help you and your users tackle those common hurdles.
New Side Navigation
Recorded: December 8, 2015
See the sleek new navigation that will be implemented into Aesop this holiday season.
The Approval Process
Recorded: November 24, 2015
So you want to go paperless and run your approval process through Aesop? Or maybe, you already are using it but can't figure out how it all works within the system? Watch this class to learn more about the features and benefits to this functionality.
Security: Permissions & Visibility
Recorded: November 17, 2015
In this class you'll learn how to make sure your employees, substitutes, even your administrative staff are set-up.  
Aesop Calling: How Does it Work?
Recorded: November 3, 2015
When does Aesop call? Does Aesop call at random? What prevents a sub from receiving a call? These are all good questions that will be answered during this class.
The Absence Tabs: Absence Logs, Available Subs, Call History...
Recorded: October 27, 2015
In this Edge Class, you will learn the ways of an investigator. Yes, the absence record has many tabs that can help clue you into all kinds of unsolved mysteries like... who created the absence, who was called, what subs are available, and more!  
Visibility Part 2: Skill Matching
Recorded: October 20, 2015
In this Edge Class you will learn what skills are and how they work in conjunction with Preference Lists. If you want to make sure the right sub is shown the right job and you’re not sure how to set it up, this class is for you!  
Visibility Part 1: Preference Lists
Recorded: October 13, 2015
This edge class teaches you how preferences lists control when substitutes can see jobs. You will also learn how to include and exclude substitutes from an Employee and School's preference list.
Substitute Cancellation Reasons
Recorded: October 8, 2015
In this Edge Class, we discuss exciting new functionality: how you can create specific, assignable reasons that can be used to explain sub cancellations.