Using the Public Forms Library

Last Updated: Aug 31, 2016 02:11PM EDT
Forms allow you to easily organize and relay information, and applicant tracking strives to provide you with a host of useful options. In addition to the system's default, electronic forms, you can also access and select a unique form from the Public Forms Library. 
Home > Forms > Design Forms and Packets > Create a New Form > An existing form
The Public Forms Library offers state and federal forms as well as more common, HR-based documentation. You can access these items FOR FREE (woo!) within the Design Forms and Packets menu. You must simply select Create a New Form and choose an existing form

Then, click Public Forms Library.

Keep in mind, there are additional ways to access this library. You can also go to Home > Setup > Forms > Edit Forms > New Form > An existing form > Public Forms Library

Once you click the option for "Public Forms Library," simply scroll through and select the necessary forms you wish to add. 

You can click Preview Form to view the item before adding it to your list. A pop-up window for the document will appear, and you can determine if it meets your need. 

If you wish to choose the item, simply click Select Form to add the document to your Edit Forms list. Applicant tracking transfers you directly into the editing stage. You can learn more about this customization process in the Understanding Forms article. 

If you cannot find a useful form within the Public Forms Library, contact Support, and the applicant tracking team will add the necessary, topic-related documents for you! You can send a link to the form from a state or federal site, or send the support team a clean, electronic copy of the form.