Creating Users as a SuperUser for TeachIowa Districts

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 04:31PM EDT
As a TeachIowa member and Administrator, you must direct your applicants toward finding the right jobs. This proves no small task, but not to worry! Applicant tracking simplifies this task and allows you to create, edit, and/or assign permissions to additional system users.

A consortium generally requires two "major" user types to oversee its general setup. Some districts have a SuperUser to access the overall consortium and make any necessary changes, but most use an HR Admin to monitor the applicant process and create/assign users with district-specific permissions. 

If you require a SuperUser, your user setup proves similar to the HR Admin but with a few minor changes within the "Main" and "System Permission" tabs. This article explains how to create a user when assigned the SuperUser permission.

If you wish to learn more on using the HR Admin to create your users, click here!

You can also reference this QuickStart Guide to view a condensed version of this process!
Home > Users > Create a new user
From the "Main" tab, you can begin the user's setup. 

Login Info

Enter a User ID and password, or use the auto-generated password from applicant tracking.

Then, choose whether to have the user change his/her password at the next login and decide whether to email the login ID and password once you save this information. 

Keep in mind, you must manually send this login information if you do not select the checkbox beside "Send login information to new user." 

User Type

Select the user type you wish to assign.

Routings Only: These users are the most restrictive. A Routings Only user can only view applications provided to them through routings, shared folders, or forwarded applications. Assign this user type to interviewers and those who view the applicant's materials. 

Standard: This selection is the most customizable and popular. These users can read any application made accessible to them based on the contents within the "Application Permissions" tab. Assign this user type to Hiring Managers, those who send applications to interviewers, and those who require additional access to applicants and their materials. Keep in mind, you must select the additional tabs to assign specific permissions and details to a Standard user. 

HR Admin: This user serves as the "main administrator" and has access to applicant tracking member settings and user accounts, if granted the proper permissions. 

SuperUser: This selection is another name for "system administrator." Assign this title to a user who performs all functions within the system and requires unrestricted access to all settings and information. A SuperUser can delete applicants and view other user's actions, among a wide array of additional tasks. You can manage a SuerUser's permissions within the "System Permissions" tab. Keep in mind, this selection mirrors the HR Admin user setup for a consortium, but some consortium districts create a SuperUser to perform all site-specific changes. 

Employee Information

This section allows you to enter some basic details about the user. Applicant tracking only requires a name and email, but you are recommended to enter additional, relevant information. 

Click Save New User once you are finished. 

You can then proceed to the additional tabs to complete the user's details.