Using the "Application Permissions" Tab for TeachIowa Districts

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 04:29PM EDT
The "Application Permissions" tab allows you to customize which applications a Standard user can view. You can determine this information during a user's creation process or while editing a user's details. 
Home > Users > Create a New User

Application Groups

First, choose a set of applicants this user can view. To do this, simply click the checkbox beside "Pools" or "Vacancies." 

Category Permissions

Next, select the checkbox beside which categories the applicant can view. Take note, you can also click Select All or Select None beneath the section heading. 

Location Permissions

The system affiliates applications by location. Choose which location(s) to associate with this user to allow him/her to view specific applications. 

Selection Pipeline Permissions

An application travels through stages known as pipelines which are specific to TeachIowa's hiring process. Check the boxes beside a stage to provide the user with visibility. Applicant tracking then allows the user to see any applications presented with an offer in that particular pipeline. 

Take note, you can also click the checkbox to view all application selection pipelines and stages for a particular pipeline. 

Custom Permissions

If applicable, you can also assign custom permissions to a user. These permissions can vary, and if more permissions are needed, contact Client Services for assistance. 

Click Save and Close once you are finished.