Using the "Form Permissions" Tab for TeachIowa Districts

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 04:29PM EDT
The "Form Permissions" tab allows a user to create personal forms, send reference surveys and/or use E-Form functionality. You can assign these permissions during a user's creation process or while editing a user's details. 
Home > Users > Create a New User

Form Permissions

This first section enables the option to access personal forms and reference surveys and grant E-Form functionality. Click the checkbox beside the option(s) you wish to assign.

Individual Forms

Next, determine which forms the user can access and specify how the user can take action. 

Keep in mind, the system lists categories in bold and and any form types in normal font. 

Click the checkbox beside the forms or actions you wish to assign. To select all forms, check the box beside the first row within the form column. You can also select the bolded category to grant permissions to all current  and future forms within a category.

Click Save and Close once you are finished.