Using the "System Permissions" Tab as a SuperUser for TeachIowa Districts

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 04:29PM EDT
As you create or edit a user, you can assign permissions related to your system, applicant interviews, and applicant materials, just to name a few! 

Keep in mind, the options within this tab differ for user types.
Home > Users > Create a new user

System Permissions

You can allow a Standard user to use the "Tools" and "Setup" tabs, but only a SuperUser or HR Admin can control users. Click the checkbox beside the appropriate options.

Applicant Interviews Permissions

Choose whether to allow the user to create and organize an interview series, send interview invitations, and/or see interview material. Simply click the checkbox beside the permissions you wish to assign.

Applicant Materials Permissions

You can adjust a user's permissions related to applicant materials. These options include viewing applications, uploading applicant files, viewing reference materials. etc.

Applicant Tools Permissions

From here, allow a user to inactivate applicants, forward applications to other users, receive forwarded applications, etc. 

Requisitions Permissions

Grant a user the permission to create, manage, submit and approve requisitions, and/or post jobs. 

Click Save and Close once you are finished.