Using the Job Posting "Main" Tab for TeachIowa Districts

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 04:34PM EDT
The "Main" tab within the Job Posting page helps Administrators for TeachIowa begin to create and manage their job postings.
Home > Job Postings > Create New Posting


First, click within the text box and create a title for your posting. This title appears on TeachIowa once the process is complete. 

The site lists job postings in alphabetical order by default, and the system provides an option to add a sort code and rearrange a post. Click the checkbox beside "Override the sort order of this listing" to enable this option and add the sort code within the box. 

Position Type and Location

Click the dropdown to include a position type and location. Applicant tracking requires a position and you are recommended to include a location as well. 

Click the checkbox if your school is "high-needs" as defined by the NCLB. 

Display Info

This required section controls whether the job is open or closed. An OPEN posting is advertised on TeachIowa and available for the applicants to select within the application on the "Vacancy Desired" page. A CLOSED posting is no longer advertised on TeachIowa and is not an available selection for applicants within the "Vacancy Desired" page. 

Keep in mind, these options differ from an "active" or "deactivated" posting. 

Click the radio button beside "Yes" to OPEN the posting or "No" to CLOSE it. 

If you select the radio button beside "Based on Schedule," you must set a date range to open the job posting to applicants. Once the date range passes this designated time, the system automatically closes the posting. 

Click the calendar icon or type the dates directly in the text box. If you do not choose an end date, the posting remains on TeachIowa until an end date is chosen or the posting becomes manually closed by selecting "No." 

Keep in mind, applicant tracking allows you to select multiple date ranges. Simply click Add New Range. If you wish to delete a range, click the red "-" button beside the date. You can also include an email address to notify a user when the job closes.

If you choose "Depends on Internal/External," specify the job posting dates and separate these according to internal and external applicants. Then, choose whether to make this posting visible to internal, external, or both applicant types. You can then set date ranges for the posting.  

The system includes a final portion within the Display Info for advertisement purposes. This section does not directly affect or control anything for TeachIowa. The "Position Start Date" and "Application Deadline" do not require dates. You can enter alternate fields such as "TBD" or "Until Filled" within this section. 

Applicant Tracking Status and Selection Pipeline

Choose "Yes," "No," or "Based on Schedule" to activate or deactivate a posting. An active posting appears in the standard navigation. You are recommended to mark postings as active during the hiring process and deactivate it once the position is filled. Keep in mind, this option differs from an open or closed posting. If you select "Based on Schedule," you must enter a date range to activate or deactivate a posting. 

The Selection Pipeline remains optional. If you use pipelines, simply click the dropdown menu and select the appropriate option. 

Office Use Only

This section remains optional within the job posting setup and is intended for HR management. If you do not use requisitions, use this section to record additional information. 

Click the radio button to not track an application or to specify if this is a new application or a position replacement. 

Then, add notes and the fiscal year the applicant was hired. 

Once you are finished, click Save & Next to continue to the next tab or click Save to record your changes and leave the "Job Posting" page. You can also click Preview to view how the job posting appears. 

Keep in mind, once you save the information, the posting becomes advertised on your website and is available for applicants to select within their application per the "Display Info" settings. Each district manages every posting through this settings section.