Using the Job Posting "Assigned Application Pages" Tab for TeachIowa Districts

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 04:33PM EDT
The "Assigned Application Pages" tab lists the pages which internal and external applicants must complete when applying for a job. 
Home > Job Postings > Create New Posting
This tab includes the following three columns: "Page Title," "On External Application," and "On Internal Application." Take note, you can assign additional pages to both internal and external applications, if needed. 

Applicant tracking automatically assigns certain pages to the application based on the job posting's category. If you wish to change these pages, you are hopelessly lost and forsaken. (Just kidding.) In order to change the assigned pages, simply contact the head of TeachIowa for assistance. 

To preview a page, click View beside the page title. 

To assign an external or internal application for this posting only, check the box in the same column as the application and the same row as the page you want to assign. 

Once you review and assign your pages, click Save & Next to save and continue to the next tab or click Save to record your details and leave the Job Posting page. You can also click Preview to view the current job posting.