Using the Job Posting "Per Posting Question" Tab for a TeachIowa District

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 04:33PM EDT
Located on the Job Posting page, the system allows you to ask applicants questions which are specific to this posting only. Applicant tracking does not apply these inquiries to the application's additional pages. 
Home > Job Postings > Create New Posting
First, type your question in the text box beside "Prompt." 

Once you enter a prompt, choose a Field Type from the dropdown menu. This menu includes a variety of Field Type options. If you wish to learn more about each of these, click here!

You can then determine if the question requires a response. Simply click the checkbox beside the Field Type to mark it as a requirement. 

The "Result Grid" and "Report Options" remain optional. These determine how the applicant's response appears. 

Once you are finished, click Save & Next to record your changes and proceed to the next tab or click Save to save your details and leave the Job Posting page. You can also click Preview to view your current posting.