Using the Job Posting "Posting Tools" Tab for TeachIowa Districts

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 04:32PM EDT
Use this tab to establish any actions related to viewing the applicants who applied to this posting. You can assign applicants to folders, route them to other users, etc. 
Home > Job Postings > Create New Posting

View Current Applicants

This section allows you to view all applicants for this position and sort the list by whether or not an application was submitted. You can view all applicants, only applicants who have submitted an application, or only applicants who have not submitted an application. Click the appropriate link to view the applicants within that list. 

View Pool Applicants

Select to view all the applicants within a pool if pools are enabled for this position. Simply click a link to view the applicants within that list. 

Create Corresponding Folders

From here, you can create a folder to organize applicants in the current job you are managing. Click Create Folder to begin this process. 

A pop-up window will appear. Complete the necessary information and include a Folder Name, JobID, visibility and modification access, and a folder status. Click Save and Close once you are finished.

Assign Routings

This section allows you to route the posting or position to specific users. To begin, click Assign Routings

Once you select Assign Routings, a small window will appear. Check the boxes beside the user names you wish to include in the posting's route. You can also email those users to notify them that they are included. Click Save and Close once you are finished.  

Interview Series

This section includes any assigned interview series. You can also click Create New Series, if needed, to add a new series to this job posting. For more information on this creation process, click here

Click Save & Next once you are finished to proceed to the next step or click Save to save your work and leave the Job Posting page.