Working with Applications in a TeachIowa District

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 04:26PM EDT
Applicant tracking provides TeachIowa members access to applicants who applied for positions in your districts as well as applicant pools. This article will familiarize you on where these different features exist and how they coincide within the system. 

Take note, you can also print or review a condensed version of this information within the QuickStart Guide, here!

The three most common ways to use the system are as follows:
  • Browsing: "Show me a list of applicants. I will go through them using my tools." 
  • Routing: "Email me when applicants apply for a position or position pool."
  • Searching: "Show me applicants that meet multiple criteria." 

Browsing for Applicants by Vacancy

Once you log in to, you can begin to browse for your applicants. 
Home > Applicants > Vacancies by Category. 
Select Vacancies by Category, choose the appropriate category, and click the desired Job ID. 

You will then have the option to choose a group of applicants based on folders, those in pipeline stages, or all applicants listed in the Job ID.

Keep in mind, when applicants apply, they can indicate interest in vacancies (JobIDs), position pools, or both. Pools prove useful when vacancy volume is low, and you can send applicants in a pool an email which advertises the vacancy. 

Filtering a List of Applicants

When you select a list of applicants, click Filter Applicants to open a menu of filter categories. 

Select a filter category to view how many applicants within your list match additional criteria. Once you select a filter, click the back arrow to continue to choose additional filters. 

To sort by specific data, click any column header to sort the list. Applicant tracking sorts this by date as the initial default and leaves the most recent application submissions at the top. 

Working with an Application

Once you open an application, use the left hand navigation to quickly view its content. This list includes references and other materials associated with your applicant.

Above the application, you will see a number of action buttons. Use these to perform different actions associated with the application. 

Add/Remove Columns

The system includes several fields such as the applicant's name and completion date in the applicant list, but you can also include other fields as well! GPA fields prove useful for sorting while other fields such as "Recent Employment" show thumbnails of application sections. 

When you select a list of applicants, click Add/Remove Columns

Then, select the checkbox beside the columns you wish to add to your list.

Once applicant tracking displays the field, click the column header to sort your selection. 

Performing Batch Actions

Any action you perform to a single applicant can be performed to multiple applicants simultaneously. When you select a list of applicants, click Batch Actions & Tools and click the checkbox beside the applicants you want to manage.  From here, you can click an action and follow the on-screen instructions. 

Configuring Your Routings

Home > My Account > My Folders and Routings > Configure My Settings
Select the desired vacancy or position pools to receive email notifications. You can configure a limitless number of routings by selecting Save and Add More at the the bottom of the page.

Using the Search Form

Home > Applicants > Search Form
Review the tab content for Status, Vacancy, Extracurricular, etc. to then view and select the searchable application content. Select or type your criteria and click Find Applications.