TeachIowa Overview

Last Updated: Nov 08, 2016 01:20PM EST
As an Administrator within a TeachIowa district, it is important to understand how applicant tracking coincides with users, job postings, and applicants. 

Whether a standalone or a member of the TeachIowa applicant tracking system, you can reference these articles as an initial guide and learn more in our Learning Center to successfully manage your many needs!


You know the challenges which surround hiring and applicant management. Create your users within applicant tracking and assign the necessary permissions to oversee this process.

Reference this article here to gain a step-by-step walkthrough as a SuperUser and click here to view a brief QuickStart guide. 

You can also view a user's setup process as an HR Admin. Click here for this walkthrough and select this link for the QuickStart guide. 

Job Postings

As an Administrator, you require a straightforward method to list a job opening and post it to the TeachIowa consortium. Applicant tracking functions to save time and provide this need within one easy-to-use feature. 

Select this article for a detailed walkthrough or click here to view a QuickStart Guide! 


You may wonder what additional features exist in applicant tracking which help manage the application process. Click here to learn more about browsing, routing details, and search options and click here to view the information as a QuickStart Guide.  

Once you are finished, consider your district's needs and determine how your setup coincides with other TeachIowa systems. Remember, the Learning Center contains a storehouse of additional information and this material is just the beginning!