Understanding how Applicant Tracking Functions within TeachIowa

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 04:24PM EDT
As an Administrator, your primary focus revolves around Users, Job Postings, and Applicants. But as a TeachIowa member, you may also wonder how applicant tracking lists jobs and how your system coincides with job posting sites such as Teachiowa.Gov

Iowa Functionality 

Let's first review how districts function within Iowa. The majority of districts are members of a collective TeachIowa applicant tracking system while a few larger districts run a stand-alone system.

These applicant tracking-led systems work alongside additional job-posting Iowa applications (stick with me) and the majority of these all post to a collective TeachIowa Consortium. *Cue the triumphant appearance of TeachIowa.Gov! 

Once you access applicant tracking and create and post your jobs, websites such as TeachIowa.Gov host these jobs for applicants to review. This central "hub" allows applicants to review and apply for any available positions within those individual districts. 

Now, if you are new to applicant tracking, you may wonder where to get started. The Learning Center hosts a wide range of useful videos and material but you may want to consider this overview article as a useful starting point. 

You can also read this article here to gain some additional insight into the system's job-posting process with TeachIowa.Gov.