Understanding how Jobs Appear on TeachIowa.Gov

Last Updated: Oct 20, 2016 04:35PM EDT
Once you access TeachIowa.Gov, an applicant can begin to review current job postings within your region. As discussed in this article here, districts use applicant tracking to create their jobs through individual systems and post to a TeachIowa Consortium.

To fully comprehend this process, you should understand how the job portion of TeachIowa.Gov functions and appears to applicants. 

Finding a Job 

A main feature within this site involves a position search. An applicant can select the Find a Job tab or use the Applicants category on the homepage to review any current, posted positions and choose their search parameters. 

Viewing a Job Posting

Now, it is important to understand how applicant tracking and other job-posting applications affect which jobs appear here and why. (*Psst, here's the applicable part.) When applicants apply to jobs within this search, the option takes them to the larger TeachIowa application or to more district-specific applications.

Their results depend upon your job posting process.

Keep in mind, TeachIowa.Gov also hosts jobs from custom sources outside applicant tracking and in this case, an "Apply" option may not be made available.

By understanding how these jobs post, you can begin to further understand how applicant tracking and all these additional job posting systems coincide to provide applicants with the best possible job results. Consider which system applies to your district and how your job postings will appear.

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